Tryting to realise these pieces in Shenzhen proved to be quite an intersting week, trying to get to the right places to find materials and the rights people to make certain things - with my lack of sewing machine over there - it was hard to let go and let someone else make parts of it since I am so used to making decisions when I am in the process of making, however having to give clear precise directions to someone helped me to simplify certain elements of the work - at first I thought I was making too many compromises but in the end I was quite pleased with how the work itself turned out. Yet I was a little annoyed at how especially the second work became more of a spectacele than I wanted - partly due to the fact that it was directly in the public space. I had thought that people would wonder past stopping for a little look, yet instead, many people were actually sitting in front of it like an audience for its duration. This always complicates notions of the start and end to a piece of work involving live bodies, especially when nothing actually happens in the work itself - which some people interpret as some kind of anticlimax. Despote all of this, there was an intruiguing tension to the piece, and it achieved a level of absurdity, combinig physical, formal and carnivalesque and very real qualities which I was quite happy with.


  1. Hello, I would love to know more about the piece and also why you had to compromise, how, what were the problems with the public space, etc... Can you please tell more? It would be great. Thank you, warmth, Jin.

  2. In my original ideas for the piece involving three people, I wanted the costumes to be much more embellished, with applique patterns and embroidery on the stomachs of the people, instead of the pattern being part of the fabric's print as it was in the final work, somehow I wanted the third person to be connected the the middle of the sculpture by a ring round the waist and a sweeping drape. However in the end I decided to have them separated, I quite like the distance of the thrid charachter, where they seem both disconnected, like some strange/blind observer, whilst being integral the the balance and focus of the piece as a whole.
    Also with the other work with the big raised skirt, I wanted more of a hand made feel to the skirt itself where there was an evident sense of craft in it's making, almost like an abstract patchwork quilt or something, with a mish mash of colours and patterns, as if the skirt where to hold some sense of a heritage or coded decoration. However, with both final works, I had to reduce the hours of labour that went into them, since the tailors that I was trying to work with couldn't really understand what I was trying to make. Originally I wanted them to use more of their own initiative and creativity instead of me giving a complete blueprint design, but all the ones I spoke to were unconfident that they could do it since it was too abstract, and not close enough to anything they had previously made, and also it would have been way over budget.
    So what I ended up with was somewhat simpler, yet still retained most of the qualities that I was hoping for.
    THe main issue I had with the public space where the work was situated, was that it was too organised, and even though the work was out in the open, it was still seen in the context of an art event. The intention of the Invisible Generation was that it intervened unnannounced in the public space with an air of mystery. Some of the works achieved this by taking place out of the context of the art center eg. on the tube etc. However I feel that my works were too close to the art center and it's art public, I did not want the works to be announced but they were without me really wanting them to be - so in future I need to be a lot more assertive about elements like these.
    Yet in all I see these works as important studies or experiments which I would like to resolve more fully in my work over the next year.

  3. 你怎麼能經過一片海,而忘記它的藍?.........................

  4. 愛,拆開來是心和受兩個字。用心去接受對方的一切,用心去愛對方的所有。.........................